Is Sound Defying Entertainment insured?
Why do DJ prices vary so much?
What makes music videos fun for parties?
Can we choose the music, and can we create a do not play list?
How do you dress?
Do I need to provide my entertainers with a meal?
Should I tip the entertainer?
Can I see you perform before hiring you?


Is Sound Defying Entertainment Insured?
Sound Defying Entertainment is fully insured for up to $1 million per event.
Why do DJ prices vary so much?
While searching for a Disc Jockey you will likely find a large discrepancy in prices. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Different DJ companies will include different items. Price is also frequently a reflection on the quality of service offered. We do not give you a hard sell, we want you to be happy with the options you pick. We consider ourselves to be very affordably priced and are up front with our prices and what you get. You probably will not find another company out there that gives an instant quote like us!
What makes music videos fun for parties?
We provide a fun mix of music videos and funny videos to play while everyone is dancing so everyone has something to watch and interact with and maybe even try to do the dance on the video! For those taking a break from dancing they can be entertained by the videos playing on our screen.
Can we choose the music, and can we create a do not play list?
We base our service on what you want it to be. We will take requests throughout the event as well as give you and your guests access to our online request system. We will do our best to play all the requests. And yes, you can give us a do not play list, which you will have access to do so through our online request system.
How do you dress?
We dress for your event or by your request. Most events will vary from a Company Polo to all black depending on how casual or formal the event is.
Do we need to provide the entertainers with a meal?
We do not require meals for our DJs. It is of course always appreciated,   especially for longer events. If you are planning to provide the entertainer(s) with food please let us know prior to the event.
If you are paying for the meals make sure the DJ receives what you paid for. Some catering halls will include a meal for vendors, others are unfortunately known for charging their clients for a full meal but then providing the vendors with club sandwiches in another room where you can’t see.
Should I tip the entertainer?
As we are a service industry, tips are always appreciated and is a nice way of showing your satisfaction with the services rendered. All DJs get paid very competitively and do not rely on tips. If you do choose to tip the average is 10-20%.
Can I see you perform before hiring you?
Unfortunately the possibility of seeing us perform is slim, but we would be happy to speak with you or provide you with references. We think our testimonials also speak for themselves. We cannot invite you to any private event, just as we would not invite anyone to your event. If we do have a public event coming up, you are more than welcome to attend to see us.